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Free Golf Instruction Book
An introduction to the game of golf for beginners

The ABC's of Golf

Part A - All About How to Get Started in Golf
Part B - Basic Fundamentals and Concepts in Golf Swing Technique
Part C - Common Golf Words and Phrases - Glossary

Page 40


I hope you have found this information useful and are on your way to rapid improvement and a lifetime of enjoyment through participation in this great game that so many of us love so much.

For more information on golf technique get my 4-volume series of paperback books covering the entire game in detail.

Golf Instruction Books
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Further Resources for Learning the Game of Golf

I certainly hope you have enjoyed this book. Again, it is intended to give brand new golfers somewhere to start. If you know anybody who is thinking of taking up golf please recommend this free book for beginners, The ABC's of Golf, to them. Here is a link to the first page of the book if you'd like to send it to them now -

Best wishes for success with your learning, practicing and playing, and may you enjoy the game as much as the rest of us golfers do.  MB

If you have a suggestion as to how this book could be an even better resource for brand new golfers or feedback of any kind please

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